Are Apple iPhone cases protective?

Anyway, to answer the thread question, Apple cases offers enough protection against scratches, nicks, scrapes, etcetera, but they won’t protect against water, being run over by a car, beat with a baseball bat, etcetera

Also asked, what is the most protective iPhone case?

The 8 Most Unbreakable, Indestructive Smartphone Cases

  • Editor’s Choice: Speck Presidio Sport. Amazon.
  • OtterBox Defender. OtterBox
  • Best Looking: Apple iPhone X Leather Case.
  • Effective Drop-Preventing: Speck Presidio Grip.
  • Extra Waterproofing: Lifeproof FRE.
  • OtterBox Pursuit.
  • Urban Armor Gear Monarch.
  • Pelican Shield.
  • One may also ask, are Apple clear cases protective?

    The iPhone XR Clear Case is the only first-party iPhone XR case option that you’ll find from Apple. The good news is that the iPhone XR Clear Case will do a good job of protecting your iPhone’s display, camera, and corners. The design of the case makes it obvious that Apple thought about the way we use our iPhones.

    What’s better Lifeproof or Otterbox?

    While Lifeproof is the number one selling protective waterproof iPhone case, Otterbox is number one in drop-proof iPhone cases. The slim profile of the Lifeproof works against it when it comes to higher drops. Audio quality is more affected when your iPhone is in the Lifeproof as opposed to when using the Otterbox.

    How do I make my case clear again?

    The most frequently used method is soaking the phone case with soapy water or laundry detergent water for a while. Then use a soft brush or a toothbrush to lightly brush the case until wipe the yellow stains off. Generally speaking, the normal substance on the phone case can be cleaned easily.

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