Can I transfer my CPS case to another county?

Jurisdiction – Does CPS have jurisdiction? For example, California CPS has jurisdiction over cases where the abuse happened in California. California CPS also has jurisdiction if the abuse happened in another state, but the child now lives in California.

Furthermore, how do I transfer a case to another county?

In order to transfer a family law case to another county, a motion, also called a Request for Order, must be filed. This motion is the legal process of asking the court to move the case to another court. The most important part of the motion is the supporting declaration.

One may also ask, how can courts change jurisdiction?

Generally, once a court has jurisdiction, that court will keep jurisdiction, even if you move to another state. If you have moved, you can ask the court that issued the original order to change the jurisdiction to the new state that you are in.

What is a motion to transfer?

A motion to transfer is a request to move a case from the existing judge or court. Draft your motion to transfer. You can obtain a blank form from the clerk’s office at your district or county courthouse.

What are 4 types of jurisdiction?

Types of Jurisdictions Original Jurisdiction– the court that gets to hear the case first. For example Municipal courts typically have original jurisdiction over traffic offenses the occur within city limits. Appellate Jurisdiction– the power for a higher court to review a lower courts decision.

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